Traction: Getting unstuck

A few weeks ago my Facebook memories reminded me of the day that I got the car stuck on the front lawn.  I’d decided to try to drive out across the wet and muddy grass to avoid an obstacle in the driveway and about halfway through the process the wheels started spinning and I was going nowhere fast.  I knew in that instant that I’d lost traction.

stuck in the mud

Traction is the act of drawing or pulling something over a surface, it is the grip of a tyre on the road, but it is also the extent to which an idea gains acceptance.  The question is, when you get stuck, how do you regain traction?

If you’ve ever been stuck you’ll know that pushing harder on the accelerator only causes you to sink more deeply into the quagmire.  The quicker you can identify a loss of traction, the easier it is to regain it.  If the ground is steady enough and you’re not completely dug in, easing off and giving a gentle push can sometimes do it, but in some cases, you need to get out of the car and lay some groundwork.

If you’re alone it’s harder.  The ideal solution is a team, a couple of people to dig out the tyres and underpin them with some solid foundation, a couple to push from behind, and someone to sit in the drivers seat and gently edge forward.  You may even need to ask an external party for a helping hand in the form of a tow, but even then you still need someone to hold the wheel and steer.

To succeed, the whole team need to communicate with each other, anyone out of synch, or not doing their bit and everyone could end up covered in mud.

The reward for an enormous effort can be a small movement forward, a moment of traction.  You cross your fingers that the traction will be sustained and the motion will continue.

The moral of the story, if you plan to drive out across uncharted territory, test the ground and pick the path that looks most stable, if it is all pretty rough and you’re still convinced it’s worth doing, lay some groundwork in advance.  Finally, make sure you’ve got the team and tools for the journey so that if you do lose traction, you’ve got the means to get unstuck.

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